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Answer the following questions to help determine which ministry areas may be the best fit for your personality and individual skills. Ministry should be personally rewarding in addition to serving others; this tool will help you identify particular areas that are a good fit for you.

Both your working gifts and your waiting gifts will be identified. Working gifts are gifts you are already using in some way. Waiting gifts are gifts which remain undeveloped but you do have potential in this area.

Once you finish the survey and click submit you will see instant results for ministry areas that mirror your top three personal strengths in both working and waiting gifts. Please note that not every ministry of Southminster Presbyterian Church is listed under each gift.

See a list of all gifts and ministries

  The following is true of me… Very Little Little Some Much Very Much
1 I am able to organize ideas, tasks, people and time for Christian service.
2 When people wonder what they should do in a given situation, I offer suggestions as to the right time and place for specific actions.
3 I have encouraged people to live Christian lives.
4 I like to talk about Jesus to those who don’t know him.
5 I have had the experience of knowing God was acting in a specific situation even when concrete evidence was missing.
6 I assume responsibility for meeting needs in church and community.
7 I enjoy providing a haven for guests and do not feel put upon by unexpected visitors.
8 I take prayer requests of others seriously and continue to pray for them.
9 I motivate groups toward specific objectives.
10 I have a knack for turning compassion into cheerful deeds of kindness.
11 I enjoy doing tasks that help others minister effectively.
12 I have contributed to the spiritual growth of others.
13 Content ‘comes alive’ for students (children or adults) when I teach.
14 I like to plan things in which people are involved.
15 I cut through trivial issues to get to the source of people’s dilemmas.
16 I am sensitive to suffering, troubled, and discouraged people and want to help them seek answers to life’s problems.
17 I would like to be able to share the gospel with others.
18 I find myself accepting God’s promises and applying them despite my doubt.
19 I feel moved to give when confronted with the needs in God’s kingdom.
20 I am sensitive to acts of kindness which may make a difference for guests or strangers.
21 I am sensitive to the prayer needs of others and enjoy giving prayerful support.
22 I have a desire to help, lead, guide, or direct people in a church ministry.
23 I would like to minister to those who have a problem.
24 I sense when others need a helping hand and am ready to give it.
25 I am concerned to see the spiritual needs of people met and am willing to be personally involved in ministering.
26 I like to help people understand things.
27 I am able to make plans to accomplish goals.
28 I offer counsel to others with gentle diplomacy.
29 People in the Christian community have been motivated in their ministry by my encouragement.
30 I have helped others to accept Christ as their Savior.
31 In specific cases I have felt assured that God would act.
32 I give cheerfully and liberally to God’s work.
33 I have a knack for making strangers feel at ease in my home or at church.
34 I pray for others, recognizing that their needs may be met by it.
35 I enjoy leading and directing others toward goals.
36 I enjoy helping people who are suffering.
37 I like to work at little things that help further the ministry of the church.
38 I reach out to persons struggling with their faith.
39 I am able to clarify ideas and concepts for learners (children and adults).
40 I would enjoy responsibility for a church ministry.
41 I guide people in making decisions that are in agreement with God’s will.
42 I believe that people will grow spiritually through counsel and instruction from the Bible.
43 I am concerned for friends who do not believe in Christ.
44 I have a sense for moments when prayer may be helpful.
45 I am willing to sacrifice to further the work of the church.
46 I tend to be more aware of the needs of guests than of my own.
47 My inner conviction that God works in response to prayer leads me to pray for others.
48 If I had the opportunity, I would enjoy leading, directing, and motivating others in some aspect of the church’s work.
49 The sight of a suffering person makes me want to find a way to express God’s love to him or her.
50 It is my nature to do work that helps others do theirs.
51 I feel a shepherd’s instinct when I know of someone in need of spiritual counsel.
52 I am aware when people are struggling to understand ideas or concepts in a learning environment.
53 I have a sense for delegating important tasks to the right people at the right time.
54 I help others by coming up with practical, effective solutions to challenging situations.
55 I am glad when people who need comfort, consolation, encouragement or counsel seek my help.
56 I am able to share the gospel in a way that, hopefully, makes it clear and meaningful.
57 I am able to go on believing God will act in a situation in spite of evidence to the contrary.
58 I help people and God’s work through contributions of my time and resources.
59 My home is available to those in need of hospitality.
60 I am conscious that I am ministering to others when I pray for them.
61 I have accepted leadership responsibilities and have succeeded in helping a group work toward a goal.
62 I receive a sense of joy when ministering to sick, helpless, or shut-in persons.
63 I find practical ways of helping others and gain satisfaction from doing this.
64 I have helped nurture others on their spiritual journey.
65 I hold the interest of a class when I teach.
66 I have a sense for how and when projects or ministries need to be better organized.
67 I help people work through perplexing issues to figure out what God would have them do.
68 I would be willing to spend some time each week in a counseling ministry.
69 When I know a person isn’t a Christian, I am concerned.
70 I understand what Jesus meant when he said mountains could be moved by faith.
71 I have a conviction that all I have been given is from God, and I want to be a good steward.
72 I have a genuine appreciation for each guest whom I encounter.
73 I would be pleased if asked to be a prayer partner.
74 I usually sense when a group I am a part of is ‘spinning its wheels’, and I want to do something about it.
75 I sense when people are hurting in some way.
76 I wish I had more opportunity to assist those in need.
77 I would love to be in a position to encourage others in their spiritual journey.
78 I get excited about discovering new ideas which I can teach to others.

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