South Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a three-day weekend experience that lasts for the rest of your life. The weekends are held in the spring and fall at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island outside of Charleston, SC. If you are seeking an opportunity to grow your faith, or a way  to renew your relationship with God or just a chance to experience the grace and unconditional love of God in a beautiful seaside setting — this is the perfect weekend for you.  Anyone is invited. You will find that, in addition to providing love, leadership tools and growth, the experience can continue through an association with the Pilgrimage movement after the weekend in the form of being a staff member, praying for the weekend and/or promoting it to others. The next weekend is November 4-8 and will include Dan Oedy as a part of our spiritual team along with several members of the church in other staff positions.  For more information see Anne Brown or Dan Oedy or the SC Pilgrimage website at www.scpresbyterianpilgrimage.org.

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