Live Nativity

Audio Narration

to the
Southminster Church
2020 Live Nativity Drive Thru Experience

To begin the audio, click or touch the ‘play’ button (triangle) above on the audio player control, Pastor Dan Oedy has provided an introductory welcome message before you arrive at our first ‘scene’.

Feel free to pause, resume, rewind, or fast forward the audio as necessary to compliment visual experience.

As you listen to the narration, you will hear a little ‘jingle’ to inform you when to move along to the next scene.

For the best experience, try pairing your smartphone with your radio (by cable or bluetooth) and listen to the narration through your vehicle’s speakers, however, you can also listen directly from your phone (be sure to increase your volume, accordingly).

Thank you for visiting and we invite you to join us any Sunday morning.
Merry Christmas

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