Local Outreach

We at Southminster Presbyterian Church believe that reaching out to the local community is vital to being apart of the Great Commission. We partner with several missions in order to serve including, but not limited to: Family Promise, Dime a Meal, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Camp Grier, One Great Hour and Crisis Assistance.

  • Family Promise of Gaston County is committed to helping homeless families of the surrounding area to achieve lasting independence. They do this by providing safe shelter, meals, day care and support services for these families. Family Promise also partner with programs designed to redress the underlying causes of homelessness. Southminster Presbyterian Church hosts Family Promise once every 10-12 weeks for a week. Our Church provides housing and dinner for the Family during their visit with us.
  • When the SPC Foundation guidelines are met and money becomes available from our endowment funds, the SPC mission committee will furnish applications to the church family. There is oversight of this process by the foundation committee and the session.
  • Habitat of Gaston County specializes in helping families in need of housing.  Over 90 Habitat homes have been built in the county.  Gaston area Presbyterians (GAP) has help build six Homes.
  • The DIME-A-MEAL Mission program is one way in which Southminster and the Presbytery of Western North Carolina can respond, through over-and above giving, to the biblical mandate to show compassion and do justice for those in need. The program provides an avenue for outreach and ministry through which each member of Southminster can participate equally. The plan of DIME-A-MEAL is very simple. Each person puts .10 cents (or more) in a special bank for each meal he/she eats. This amounts to $109.50 per person per year. Half of the money goes to Southminster’s Deacon fund and half goes to the Presbytery Nickel-A-Meal Hunger Program. (For more information on this program and how organizations can apply for a grant related to hunger programs, go to http://presbyterywnc.org/health-program.
  • Crisis Assistance Ministry (CAM) provides emergency assistance to families and individuals who are experiencing a financial crisis or who are suffering under the continued burden of poverty. CAM offers help with the essential life needs of food, rent/mortgage, utilities, heat, and prescription medicine.  Sponsored primarily by 46 congregations from our community, CAM is the largest private emergency assistance agency for the Greater Gastonia community.  Broad community support helps to provide the additional resources need. Southminster provides volunteer, financial, food, and supplies throughout the year.


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