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Our spirit, mind and body are inseparable. What we believe, what we think and how we behave affects each component of our lives.  Greater wholeness can be achieved when we integrate a spirit, mind and body approach to managing our lives.


What is Faith and Health Ministry?

A faith based health and wellness program which combines the skills of health professionals, clergy and lay individuals to promote health and healing as a part of the mission services of a faith community to its members and the community it serves.


To guide people to leading healthier lives by encouraging each person to take responsibility for their holistic health and spiritual well-being:  spirit, mind and body.

Upcoming Events:

Walk to Jerusalem
The “Walk to Jerusalem” is a six week fitness and spiritual wellness program, designed to increase the physical, spiritual and emotional health of participants. It will start on Ash Wednesday and run through Easter. This “imaginary” trip from Gastonia to Jerusalem is 6250 miles and will be accomplished by individuals within the church collectively logging their miles each week by filling out the form below. Miles can be accumulated by walking, jogging, exercise class, playing outside with your children, cleaning your house, or any form of physical activity that is enjoyable to you. Spiritual miles can be accumulated by daily prayer, reading a spiritual book, volunteer work, etc. It is important to prepare your heart and soul, as well as your body, during this journey. Physical activity and spiritual activity will be available to participants. Participants may walk as a group or as individuals. A prize will be given to the group who has the most miles and the individual who has the most miles. Starts February 10th. Get your booklet in the Narthex!



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